Many ACTIVITIES were undertaken by the Promoter Committee of the Project LE VIE DI LEONARDO DA VINCI.
Here they are.

19.12.2017 New President  for of the Promoter Committee “Le Vie di Leonardo da Vinci”: Silvano Guerrini .

30.09.2017 Presentation of the Project in the context of the CELEBRAZIONI LEONARDO 2019 meeting, announced by the City of Vinci with the participation of certain Italian Cities linked to Leonardo

27-29.09.2017 PARTICIPATION AT THE FORUM LUCCA I.C.E. – Signing of the Letter of Intent by the Municipalities of Amboise, Vinci, Vipava and Château du Clos Lucé for the Candidacy 2018/2019

12.09.2017 Adherence to the Promoter Committee of the Emblem of Empoli Valdelsa and Proloco of S. Amato

08.09.2017 Official Presentation of the Project in Vipava (Slovenia) – Leonardo Conference in Slovenia

24.08.2017 Confirmation of participation at the Forum of Lucca I.C.E. 2017 by the Cities of Amboise, Vinci, Vipava and Château du Clos Lucé

4.08.2017 Organization meeting with the Mayor of Vipava (Slovenia) for official presentation in Slovenia

16.05.2017 Presentation LEONARDO DA VINCI’S WAYS at the French Institute in Florence in the presence of Honorary Consul of France M. Isabelle Mallez, President of Château Clos Lucé of Amboise François Saint Bris and President of the Regional Council of Tuscany E. Giani

4.05.2017 Participation Conference Towards the European Forum in Lucca (Lucca)

23.04.2017 Participation at IL GIORNO DI LEONARDO (Leonardo’s Day) with Music for Leonardo (Vinci)

3-4.03.2017 Participation at the Francigena and other Camels in Tuscany (San Miniato – PI)

01.03.2017 Meeting with Tourism Department of the Tuscany Region

15.02.2017 Meeting with Florence City Council and Resp. UNESCO for Historical Center in Florence

28.01.2017 Radio interview on  Radio 24 The other Europe of the journalist F. Taddia at the Resp. Project P. Vezzosi

28.01.2017 Participation in the Municipal Forums on the Road. Francigena: the Municipalities of Europe (Monteriggioni SI) – Meeting with I.C.E. Director, Representative of the Canton Vaud (Switzerland), Regional Managers Tourism sector of Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Val d’Aosta and Tuscany

26.01.2017 Visit to Vipava (Slovenia) in view of the establishment of the International Association

22.01.2017 Meeting with Honorary Consul of France Isabelle Mallez (French Institute in Florence)

20-21.01.2017DA VINCI IN EUROPA (Da Vinci in Europe) – Workshop inVinci with European Cultural Routes VIA FRANCIGENA, FENIC ROUTE, NAPOLEON DESTINATION

12.2016 Meeting with G. Cucini Pres. UdC Empolese Valdelsa

13.11.2016 Presentation of the Project at the Italian Walking Conference (Biblioteca Leonardiana – Vinci)  I Cammini Italiani

31.10.2016 Membership Movement Shalom Onlus

26-27.10.2016 Presentation at the ICE International Forum in Vilnius Lithuania

17.06.2016 Visit to Château du Clos Lucé with President François Saint Bris

13.06.2016 Second Skype Contact with Institute I.C.E.

27.05.2016 Meeting in Vinci with M. Curnis who walked from Rome to Amboise in the footsteps of Leonardo

05.05.2016 Town Council of Vinci and Workshop in Vinci with VIACERAM and Municipality of Faenza

05.02.2016 Skype First Contact with Institute I.C.E.

20.01.2016 Constitution of the Promoter Committee in Vinci